There was no class, we did some discussions online through text about our video production. And I would like to share the same highlight was my birthday. Blessed Jumaat, blessed 20 for myself. May Allah shower me with unshakable iman, clean bill of health, prosperity, success and infinity of love in my life.



Assalamualaikum and hello again. Well, it is already week 14 and also this is the very last entry 😥 I shall be missing sharing stories here. But yeah never mind, so in this week there was a memorable event that had happened, an event that wrapped up our previous weeks passes an event to present our masterpiece officially in public (as for all this while, we only posted our progress on our secret Facebook groups and UKM VIDEO PRODUCTION 4. I do not know which part to start but it was actually an event which involved all my classmates and I. We were informed a little bit late regarding this news however it did not affect us much I guess as one day before the day start we gathered, discussed and I play my role here as committee member of protocol that I went out to meet in person The Dean, the Vice Dean, The course coordinator and the fellow lecturers for invitation to the event. In the night, again one whole class had a rehearsal too see the flow of the program vividly.

On the day, The Edutechnovation day I was pretty sure everyone had their butterflies in their tummies as this is our first program me ever handled and managed by us. For me I felt like it was like we were about to launch our movie on media. However, Allah is the planner, generally everything went smooth sailing and not to forget on that day, I was with Fatin Amirah were in charged to be the usher. Do you still recognize me Dr? The one with spectacles hihi.



All of the group presented their videos, posters as well as the storyboard in front and we were fascinated with each other of every group’s creativity and good work. I could see in Dr. Rosseni’s face she was very proud of the ourcomes that wehad performed. In the end, there was a prize giving ceremony event and sadly my group “Anonymous for now” did not win but it was okay for us. In myself, what matters the most is the effort that we had put to accomplish the task successfully. All in all, I am very proud my group, I have gained many things with them, the knowledge, the skills, the friendship built and those priceless moments we had gone through while doing the task. You guys are always winner in my heart, the most cooperative group members I have ever worked with, I might say.


my best groupmates


Do not ask me how I feel ending this Edtech class. Surely, I will ran out of words to describe it. One thing for sure, I feel like losing, losing one class that enjoyed the most where I gained fountain of knowledge about technology, if once I used to say I knew nothing about Technology and ICT but now I dare to say I had improved a lot. I f I were to teach one day, I believe I would not shiver fearing about ICT because now at least I had equipped myself with ICT skills. And I also would like to wish Dr Rosseni, thank you so much Dr for all your guides and you always put a smile on your face(I adore that) and sorry for any bad things I have done, being late in notifying your announcement and etc. Thank you Dr, wish me luck!

Thousand thanks to Dr Rosseni, will be missing you!

Thousand thanks to Dr Rosseni, will be missing you!





Assalamualaikum and hye we meet again! I believe this week every group had sent or posted their work especially the full video of their production As for our group anonymous for now, we had done as told last week(yeayy) and we received few building comments from our lecturer and friends regarding our photos. To be honest, I felt very glad that it was like we were chances to fix our work for better result at least there is a room of improvement for students.

Dr.Rosseni also had left their comments on our work that we should paid more attention to the part we always changed the songs. The interchanging part need to more smart as we had to edit to make it not obvious when the song is changed to another. Also we received comments from our classmate that some scenes in our videos are too dark that they barely viewed Dina’s face and I. Meanwhile as for poster, Dr Rosseni touched on the part that we should enhance.

Dr gave feedback to our poster

Dr gave feedback to our poster

My teammates and I viewed the comments and we did discuss to enhance it and meet everyone’s satisfaction while viewing it. Hence, for poster referring to the comment given we tried to recreate it and Elin played biggest role in this part as she was the mastermind reediting the poster. Alhamdulillah for the new version for this poster we received positive feedback. Similarly for the video, we did the same and thanks to Nikkeh the mastermind for reediting the video and also we had a positive comment from Dr.


Our new poster. Yeayyy

I learnt that practice makes perfect, in our case we did our videos few times to produce the better on. And were very relieved that we were almost done because all we had was to present it on the Edutech day. Oh my god I could not even wait.




Asslamualaikum and hello we met again.  It’s week 12 (I can’t believe there are 2 weeks left before sem3 says goodbye).  So far, what we had done in this week was the editing process as last week we finished. We decided to go to Nikki’s room to finish all editing process as she has Macbook which we consider it is gonna awesome to be used as editing tools for our videos. We spent our night completing editing, basically at first all of us did contribute on the video (deciding what song to be include, the effect and unwanted part that should be removed) and next I helped Elin out to produce and create our own poster about our video production. We tried to put our poster as simple as we could because we believe simplicity is always the best.

Sometimes, I did wander around changing positions and took a look at video production and we voice out our ideas to embellish our videos for better. Most of all, every element that had put into our videos are based on everyone’s agreement. That’s what we called it cooperation and teamwork in group right? Alhamdulillah we had finished our first editing in one night and I could not recall what was the time did I go to dreamland as four of us fell asleep on floor. Everyone slept like a log hahahaha :p

We posted our masterpiece on Facebook as proof that we had done our work, we look forward to read some building comment to keep enhancing our videos as well as posters.

Taraaaa, our poster

Taraaaa, our poster



Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. Kaifahaluki? Wa Ana? Alhamdulillah ana bikhoir J. I knew that I did not show up for a long time in my blog due to some busy schedule well I bet my fellow friends experienced the same thing that we were too content completing, submitting and yet we did not put aside our Edutech <3<3<3<3. For all the events that came up throughout weeks, I wrote it on paper but it is only tonight I manage to put it into proper reflection for all my readers to read.

Well, for week eleven we had been informed that there will be no class, as Dr is not around for she had to attend something outside. My groupmates and I used this opportunity to complete and edit our video production with. At night we sneaked out from UKM by Elin’s brand new car (so we had no difficulty in going anywhere doing our video). Elin, if you read my blog I shall say once again thank you so much for giving a ride :p. Regarding about our video as we had discussed that we had to reshoot some of our scenes(that the one we shot in Penang were not reliable at all anymore) and we thought of improvising our storyline to make it clear in the delivery our message that “ malu bertanya sesat jalan “ and “with the gadget itself won’t bring you to anywhere”

Our first destination was “secret” somewhere a stone’s throw away from UKM that we had our food testing shoot and asking for direction from the tourist. Few scenes that were still fresh in my mind that when Dina and I were on the escalator and asking Nikki for direction as we did them for thousand times to get best quality of videos. Pardon us Dr, we are amateur actress .

We were acting

We were acting


We were trying to get ideas on what to act

Later on, we headed to “secret” somewhere a bit farther than previous place to make scenes of food testing part 2. We were very glad that we had finished all our scenes that night and what’s left for us was to edit.



I felt like it was only yesterday, I first stepped into the technology in education class and now it is only 4 weeks from now to reach the end of the semester. Deep down in my heart, there lies sadness it’s like I am truly going to miss this class . Never mind, we shall continue talking about that later I guess( lets inhale positive vibe). So, for today’s activities what we had covered was the presentation of each group on the sneak peek of video production. It was messed up information we shared among each other actually as we were supposed to present our non edit full video. What my group had done was the trailer of our movie, we just picked the salient events that we wanted to highlight and upload it on Youtube channel (insert link video).
Yet, all groups still did their presentation and received comments and feedback from Dr to improve the video. Not to forget each group also given sticky notes pasting one paper to jot down the good and the bad of the other one’s group video to exchange ideas in producing fantastic video. The first group to be presented was from Syamimi’s group which I really love the scene in the room, the trick they played using the camera to capture light was incredibly awesome. I also adore Azrul Syafiq’s group as they were very imaginative enough to manipulate the word ‘LOVE’ (as I thought at first it is lovestory) but it was about the love towards nature (it really tickled me upon watching their trailer). Amirul’s group was impressive too with their magnificent storyline with many valuable lessons on repent. It made me puzzled for a moment viewing it.
As for our group we need to study more about our videos, compiling it to make it as second draft to be sent next week.In addition, there are still few scenes that we haven’t recorded hence we are planning to work on them soonest So, yeah wish us luck! See you soon, good night I’m sleepy!



Assalamualaikum and hye! Indeed time has wings, it flies so fast that I cannot believe it’s already in week 8 (it was drizzling when I was typing this). Is it just me or everyone in my group or whole classmates feeling so overwhelmed to proceed with our video production. As for today’s class, like what we had been told last week this week we ought to illustrate our ideas on real card board to be presented to Dr.Rosseni and the rest of our classmates. It may stray little bit from the topic but I love how Dr.Rosenni encouraged us to complete our work step by step (from proposal to real story board). It eases us the view and reflect how work progress very well.

My super helpful teammates

My super helpful teammates

Kak Anna had distributed us with the mahjong paper, markers, sticky notes and marker to be used to complete our story board. We sat in a group and started working on our story board without one second of procrastinating it because we were so thrilled doing it. While sketching some pictures on the mahjong paper, flabbergasted all of memories in Penang came flooding to our minds. We could still imagine vividly the places where we got chance to shoot few scenes. About the process of completing our story board, we used take turn and strategies to save up time (meaning one is drawing, one is writing one is colouring) since we have 12 scenes altogether. What had eased our work efficiently was our draft for proposal that we had done last week, we just need to follow the scenes and illustrate it on the paper. Kak Anna and her few friends did complement on our beautiful work and sketching( Elin drew nicely).

My super helpful teammates :*

We were about to begin our story board yeayy!

Time went on and it was up. Sadly, we had not finished ours as there were 6 scenes more to be done. All of the students were asked to gather to present their work in front of the class. The pitching session on the video production took about 3 minutes per group. Honestly, I was very impressed with each group they were very creative on their own way. As for ours, praise to Allah that our story board received positive comment from Dr( we could not react less than just grinning to ears). Despite that, Dr Rosenni suggested something to embellish our video as apparently, our main moral value conveyed from video is “malu bertanya sesat jalan” but she added up to include the message on the too much reliability on internet does not help. We straight away agreed upon her suggestion as it make sense when relating it to our video. We thanked Allah for easing our doing today and simply cannot wait for the next step making our video done! Till we meet again :*

While waiting for our tun to present

While waiting for our tun to present, alhamdullilah I enjoyed today’s class so much!